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We are currently looking to hire 3 employees. Background in construction preferable. Willing to train the right candidate/s. Pay based on experience and willingness to learn. Please email if interested.


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We are a young company, just founded in 2016, by husband and wife, Mike and Julia Blackwell. While Masters Renovations LLC is an infant company, Mr. Blackwell has many years of experience in the construction industry.

Background on the owners

​Julia Blackwell
​Mike Blackwell
You could say he was born into the industry, with his father having owned his own remodeling company from the time Mike was born. Mike grew up on a farm in his early childhood and at age 12, began working with his father, sweeping floors and picking up trash. By the age of 16, Mike had learned several trades and ran two crews for his dad. At age 18, Mike joined the Navy, where he spent 4 years, before getting out. At 25, Mr. Blackwell joined the Alabama Army National Guard, where he spent almost two years before separating. You might say that construction was in his blood at this point. After his time in the military, Mike worked as a woodworker, a welder/fabricator, and mechanical maintenance, before returning to the construction industry at age 33. Mike always dreamed of owning his own business, so having learned from watching others' mistakes, and through urging by his wife Julia, he and Julia founded Masters Renovations LLC in July of 2016.
Julia's beginnings were as different from Mike's as they could get. Julia grew up playing Volleyball and focused mainly on academics during high school. After graduating, Julia went to the University of Alabama for a few semesters, before becoming interested in the EMS field. Julia decided to leave the university and pursue her passions as a Paramedic. She has worked for Haynes Ambulance of Alabama for the past 15 years and is now enrolled as a nursing student at Troy University.
Julia also plays a major role in the business and is learning about the construction industry very quickly.