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    Remodeling And New                       Construction
   Kitchen                       Bathroom                    Framing                 Drywall
  ​Tile                                Roofing                        Siding                       Concrete

Specialty Fabrication



Log Cabins

Whether it is a major remodel of a kitchen or a bathroom or you just need minor repairs, no job is too big or small. 
Whether you want to add just one room or several, nothing makes your house feel bigger or more usable than an addition.
If you have an idea for a unique aspect you would like to add into your home or if you would like for us to come up with a design for you, we here at Masters Renovations pride ourselves in thinking OUTside the box.
Masters Renovations has recently began building log homes for customers of Southland Log Homes. We are a preferred builder for Southland and are also partnered with 2/10 Warranty.
Take a look at a few of the projects we have done in the past couple of years.
  1. Personal Project
  2. Massey Job
  3. Massey Job
  4. Log Cabin Model
  5. Log Cabin Model
  6. Log Cabin Model
  7. Log Cabin Model
  8. Log Cabin Model
  9. Log Cabin Model
  10. Adair Job
  11. Log Cabin Model
  12. Adair Job
  13. Adair Job
  14. Adair Job
  15. Adair Job
  16. Adair Job
  17. Mary Ann Job
  18. Mary Ann Job
  19. Mary Ann Job
  20. Mary Ann Job
  21. Dr. Berlin Job
  22. Mary Ann Job
  23. Mary Ann Job
  24. Mary Ann Job
  25. At Home
  26. At Home
  27. Dr. Berlin Job
  28. Venessa Job
  29. Venessa Job
  30. Venessa Job
  31. Venessa Job
  32. Venessa Job
  33. Venessa Job
  34. Firestone Job
  35. James Cole Job
  36. James Cole Job
  37. James Cole Job
  38. James Cole Job
  39. James Cole Job
  40. Lucy Clark Job
  41. Lucy Clark Job
  42. Personal Project
  43. Lucy Clark Job
  44. Personal Project
  45. Erica Brooks Job
  46. Erica Brooks Job
  47. Julie Cole Job
  48. Julie Cole Job
  49. Julie Cole Job
  50. James Cole Job
  51. Erica Brooks Job
  52. James Cole Job
  53. James Cole Job
  54. James Cole Job
  55. Shoppe Job
  56. Shoppe Job
  57. Erica Brooks Job
  58. Erica Brooks Job
  59. Erica Brooks Job
  60. Erica Brooks Job
  61. Erica Brooks Job
  62. Erica Brooks Job
  63. Erica Brooks Job
  64. Erica Brooks Job
  65. Erica Brooks Job